Our commitment to customer service is what continues to separate FluidTech from the competition and establish us as the standard by which other distributors are measured.

To help make certain you receive the highest-quality products, your components are meticulously cleaned, assembled and packaged in our environmentally-controlled build room.

Every component we deliver is guaranteed to be the right part for your application. However, should you need help, our on-staff Certified Hydraulic Mechanic and Certified Fluid Specialists are there to assist you.

Product Lines

Please note, not all products are available in all areas. Manufacturer APR agreements apply.

Accumulators Inc.

Accumulators 6 cu. In. to 40 gallon capacity. 3000 psi to 6000 psi working pressure ratings.

Anchor Flange

Split Flange Kit, Adapters, Accessories

Arrow Pneumatics

In-Line Hydraulic Filters, Breathers

Auburn Gear

Power Wheels, Planetary Gear Drives

Brand Hydraulic

Manual and Solenoid Directional Control Valves, Flow Dividers; Relief, Flow, and Shuttle Valves

Bucher Hydraulics

Directional Controls Valves, AC/DC Power Units

Canfield Connectors

DIN Connectors and Controllers


Cable Chain, Cable Reels

Daman Products

D03/D05 Bar Manifolds

Danfose/Fluid Controls

Cartridge Valves and Hydraulic Integrated Circuits


Flow Controls, Flow Regulators, Needle Valves, Check Valves


Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pilot Operated Control Valves


Gear Pumps, Motors, Manual Valves, Char-Lynn Motors, Hydrostatic Transmissions

Eaton - Aeroquip

Hoses, Fittings, Adapters, Couplings, and Other Components

Eaton - Vickers

Vane Pumps, Piston Pumps, Directional Valves, Cylinders, Filtration (Kansas, Western MO ONLY, No screw-in cartridges)


Gear Drives


Electric Throttle Control Actuators, Remote Start/Stop

Filtration Products (FPC)

Hydraulic Filters

Flow Ezy

Breathers, Flow Diffusers, Filler-Breathers, Strainers

Haldex Hydraulics Corp.

Hydraulic Pumps and Motors, DC and AC Power Units, Rotary Flow Dividers


High Pressure Radial or Axial Piston Pumps, Power Packs, Directional Valves and Valve Banks, Pressure and Flow Control Valves, Electronics


Flow Meters


Directional Control Valves, Manually, Pneumatically, Hydraulically and Electrically Actuated


Accumulators, Filters, Filtration Systems, Compact Hydraulics, Portable Test Equipment, Pressure Switches and Transducers, Ball Valves, Tube Clamps, Cartridge Valves and Accessories


Cartridge Valves, Flow Controls, Proportional Flow and Pressure Control Valves


Radio Remote Controls (On/Off and Proportional), Custom Electronic Boards, Angle and Position Sensors


2,3, and 4-way Manual and Cam Valves

Mach V

Custom Designed Hydraulic Manifolds


Sump Filter, Pressure and Return Line Filters, Indicators


Caliper and Multiple Disc Brakes, Pressure Switches, Brake Locks, Actuators

Nason Co

Pressure Switches, Temperature Switches


Wireless Controls

OEM Controls

Electronic 1-2-3 Axis Joystick Controllers, Micro Processor Super Flex, Service Tracker

Oil Controls

Counterbalance Valves, Selector Valves


Electro Hydraulic Proportional and Directional Valves

Rueland Electric

Pump/Motor Adapters, Flexible Couplings

Sherex Industries

Internal Expander Plugs, Pressure Intensifiers

Vescor Industries

Hydraulic Reservoirs, Pump/Motor Adapters, Accessories

Vonberg Valve, Inc

Flow Fuses, Check, Relief, and Flow Regulator Valves


Proportional Valves, Poppet Valves, and Spool Valves